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How to find a Facebook location?

Facebook lets you track the exact location of your friends through their phones

FFacebook’s “friends nearby” feature lets you find someone’s location on Facebook on iPhone and Android devices. You can activate or deactivate it at any time and limit who can see your location. For example, only your closest friends or family can see your location. Both users and their friends must activate “friends nearby” and choose to share their location to make it work.


With “friends nearby”, you can not only find someone’s location on Facebook, but also choose to share your location. When you share your location with friends, they can see your exact location on the map. People who activate these features receive regular notifications about their intimate relationships with friends. These notifications will also appear in your news feed.

Facebook messenger’s live location helps you track your friends

Facebook messenger is ahead of WhatsApp’s next major update and now allows you to see someone’s location on Facebook messenger. It shows our location to our contacts on the map. Click to see an article about how to share your location on Facebook Messenger, which you may want to learn about or share with friends.

In the past, we could send our location in the application, but now when the information reaches the map, we can see the exact location of our friends. They pointed out from Facebook that this is also a security improvement because by monitoring our actions.

如何在 facebook messenger 上查看某人的位置

We can view someone’s location on Facebook messenger when necessary, and although we can disable it by doing so, the automatic duration of the location is one hour. A small clock will appear on the map, and our position seems to remember the remaining visible time.

To activate it, simply open the location button that will appear in the application. The new feature also includes the possibility of creating a route between our location and the person we send it, and calculating the time it takes to get there.

Part 2: should teenagers under 13 use Facebook?

At present, children aged 5 or 6 are already browsing and can access some fashionable social networks. Facebook only allows accounts from the age of 13. From a legal point of view, it should be so. But there are more things that should be. Or is a 13-year-old boy more willing to manage his Facebook account than a 12-year-old and 364 day old?

使用 Facebook 的幼儿

The ideal age is 13, not because 13-year-old young people are mature. Children at this age begin to pursue fashion and trends, and are more rebellious and curious than when they were young, but children at this time are more vulnerable to the influence of the Internet and become the target of online hunters. However, from the age of 13, the ideal age depends on the personality and maturity of each child and young person, especially on the views of their parents or responsible adults on the maturity of the child or young person.

The main danger facing our children and teenagers is privacy, which is that our children are more likely to publish personal information and photos, regardless of the consequences that their publishing may bring to them. They can easily become prey to paedophiles or simply access prohibited pages, such as pornography.

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